Down Time

My plan was to write a fun blog about being locked indoors through this apocalypse and how people are burning their way through their “to be read” stacks, raising book sales in the process, but… y’all. My heart hurts for everything going on in the world. If a person’s entire soul wasn’t ripped out as they watched the video of George Floyd begging to live, it’s because they don’t have one. Love. Kindness. Respect. We have to do better. We must do better. Let’s use this “down time” to learn about each other with open eyes and arms. Let’s call out racism when we see it every time we see it. Let’s stand together against hate, and let’s not accept anything but what is right for all human beings. The only way this ends well is love.

With a complete non sequitur, here are some updates from Starkford:

AUDIO BOOKS ARE IN THE WORKS! I’ve contracted with two awesome voice actors to produce both Pour Choices and Pour House. I hope to release in August and September, but I’ll keep you posted as I know more.

Because Pour Choices has stayed mainly in the top 100 of its category for the last few months, I’ve decided to celebrate by doing a flash sale! The ebook will be priced at 99¢ for just a couple of days.

I’m doing my first Bookfunnel promo. This is a place where indie authors can run group promos to support each other (because the indie world is awesome). Everything listed is either free, 99¢, or in Kindle Unlimited for the month of June. I hope you’ll check it out! Here’s the link:


That’s all for now. Please take care of each other.

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