Getting Busy!

Where to start? I enrolled both Pour Choices and Pour House in Kindle Unlimited at the start of the year, and it has been a wild ride. With this enrollment, I was able to do a Kindle Countdown Deal making Pour Choices 99¢ for a week, and the sales went through the roof. It got up to number seven in its category. Seven has always been my favorite number (I’m a 77 model, myself), so I am taking this as a sign from the universe to keep going! Pour House will have a Kindle Countdown Deal starting March 1st. Maybe we’ll see number 1 then?

In other super exciting news, I’ve released a novella, Pour Boy! It’s set in New Orleans (one of my and Lt Col’s favorite cities), and it continues Dawson and Patrick’s story. I couldn’t let them go. I had to write at least one more continuation of the couple that stole their way into my head and heart and started The Starkford Series. I will not put this novella in any store. It will not be available for sale anywhere–this is my gift to you. If you haven’t gotten it yet, just hop over to my website and tell me where to send it.

Business is booming. On the technical side of things, I’ve switched my mail service from Mailerlite to Mailchimp and added their plugins to my website. I put Pour Boy onto my Book Funnel account, and I interconnected Book Funnel and Mailchimp to work together and deliver the novella to my new and existing subscribers. I feel like I should be walking across a stage in a cap and gown for this. Then, I placed my first “lead generator” ad on Facebook which will help get Pour Boy in the hands of many other readers, setting it up to work automatically with Mailchimp which now works automatically with Book Funnel. My brain is tired, but my coffee is hot. One more cup, and I’ll dive back into Starkford to continue Madeline’s story.
I love a wild child.

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