A Few Good Friends

Can you believe it? Some people think I’m too much! However, I’m beginning to realize maybe they just aren’t enough. I’ve been told all my life (even by some people who love me) that I’m too loud, too opinionated, too bossy, too bold, too aggressive, too… too… too…

If you’re experiencing something similar, let me help you. Those aren’t your people. They don’t understand you, and they never will. In fact, many of them are intimidated by your bright light and free spirit. Do not let these people get in your way.

Instead, find your tribe! I promise they are out there because I found mine. It turns out, if you put me in a room full of romance writers, I fit right in! These loud, bossy, badass babes are everything to me, and it’s crazy how we instantly connect and understand each other. It is nothing short of amazing.

I spent this weekend in their company at the Moonlight and Magnolias Romance Writers Conference in Georgia. Just being around their creative minds and energy had me outlining and plotting my entire next series! New Orleans Billionaire books are in the works! I plan to write the entire series before I release any of them, so be patient with me.

Until then, I just wanted to check in with you and let you know: you are enough.
Now, get out there and find your own Nickie, Michele, Stephanie, Sia, Heather, Renora, Keri, Leslie, Kel, Karen, Nancy, Cyn, Sandy, Ciara, Tracie, Elaine, and Joy!

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